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Circular Hollow Section (CHS)


Circular hollow sections (CHS).


Mild steel.

Cutting Service

We can supply CHS tube cut to any size required.

DiameterWallLengthFinishDescriptionPart No.
26.9mm3.2mm7.6mPlain26.9x3.2mm CHS2573
33.7mm2.5mm7.6mPlain33.7x2.5mm CHS2574
33.7mm2.6mm6.4mGalvanised33.7x2.6mm CHS2575
42.4mm2.5mm7.6mPlain42.4x2.5mm CHS2576
48.3mm3.2mm7.6mPlain48.3x3.2mm CHS 
60.3mm3.2mm7.6mPlain60.3x3.2mm CHS 
76.1mm3.2mm7.6mPlain76.1x3.2mm CHS 
88.9mm4.0mm7.6mPlain88.9x4.0mm CHS2577
139.7mm5.0mm7.6mPlain139.7x5.0mm CHS2579

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