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Container & Trailer Twistlocks

Container Handling Castors

Container Handling Castor With Twistlock

Container handling castors for moving containers.


Container handling castor with twistlock.

1 Ton rated swivel/braked castor with attached twistlock for safe and easy moving of empty containers.

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Retractable Twistlocks

ISO Retractable Twistlock with Set Operating Lever

ISO Retractable Twistlock with Set Operating Lever.


A retractable twist lock with set operating lever designed as a fixed or retractable twistlock for securing containers on any type of trailer.

The securing head retracts below deck level to allow non-containerised loads to be carried.

Dimensionally compatible with ISO corner castings.

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Non-Retractable Twistlocks

Heavy Duty Non-Retractable Screwdown Twistlock

Heavy Duty Non-Retractable Screwdown Trailer Twistlocks.


A non-retractable heavy duty screwdown twist lock designed to secure ISO containers, manufactured with a rounded top plate to reduce the risk of puncture damage to the container. Allows for rapid loading of containers.

The lockable screwdown facility ensures loads are transported securely. Meets AAR requirements.

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Container Stacking Cones

Single Stacking Cones

Container Stacking Cones


This single intermediate stacking cone is designed for securing containers in a stack.

The stacker slots into the corner castings between shipping containers to resist horizontal forces.

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Marine Twistlocks

Semi-Automatic Marine Twistlock for Stacking Containers

Semi-Automatic Marine Twistlocks for Stacking Containers


This single wire, durable semi-automatic twistlock is designed for safe and easy securing of containers on deck.

The upper cone is marked yellow for quick orientation to prevent incorrect insertion.

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Manual Marine Twistlock for Stacking Containers

Manual Marine Twistlocks for Stacking Containers


This marine twist lock is designed for multiple stacking of containers or swap bodies.

It is suitable for securing both container to container and container to deck.

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Dovetail Twistlocks and Sockets

45° Longitudinal Dovetail Twistlock and Deck Socket

45 Degree Longitudinal Dovetail Twistlock with Dovetail Foundation Socket


45° longitudinal or transversal dovetail twist locks and deck weldable sockets.

The dovetail twist lock is manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel. Right to left locking.

The single dovetail weldable deck socket is made from cast steel and finished with primer.

DescriptionFinishPart Number
45° Longitudinal Dovetail TwistlocksHot Dip GalvanisedS2833
45° Single Dovetail Deck SocketsPrimedS2834
45° Transversal Dovetail TwistlocksHot Dip GalvanisedS2835

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