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Mild Steel Plate


Hot rolled sheets and 43a mild steel plate.

Cutting Service

We can supply mild steel sheets cut to any size required.


  • The following standard sheets are supplied ex-stock.
  • Non-standard plate sizes are available.
ThicknessSheet SizeWeightDescriptionPart Number
1.6mm2500mm x 1250mm39.25kgHot Rolled Sheet2531
1.6mm2500mm x 1500mm47.10kgHot Rolled Sheet2534
1.6mm3000mm x 1250mm47.10kgHot Rolled Sheet2537
1.6mm3000mm x 1500mm56.52kgHot Rolled Sheet2535
2.0mm2500mm x 1250mm49.06kgHot Rolled Sheet2536
2.0mm2500mm x 1500mm58.88kgHot Rolled Sheet2539
2.0mm3000mm x 1250mm58.88kgHot Rolled Sheet2538
2.0mm3000mm x 1500mm70.65kgHot Rolled Sheet2541
3.0mm2500mm x 1250mm73.59kg43a Mild Steel Plate2550
3.0mm3000mm x 1250mm88.31kg43a Mild Steel Plate2532
3.0mm3000mm x 1500mm105.98kg43a Mild Steel Plate2542
4.0mm2500mm x 1250mm98.13kg43a Mild Steel Plate2551
4.0mm3000mm x 1250mm117.75kg43a Mild Steel Plate2544
5.0mm2500mm x 1250mm122.66kg43a Mild Steel Plate2554
5.0mm3000mm x 1250mm147.19kg43a Mild Steel Plate2552
5.0mm3000mm x 1500mm176.63kg43a Mild Steel Plate2567
6.0mm2500mm x 1250mm147.19kg43a Mild Steel Plate2555
6.0mm3000mm x 1250mm176.63kg43a Mild Steel Plate2570
8.0mm2500mm x 1250mm196.25kg43a Mild Steel Plate2559
10.0mm2500mm x 1250mm245.31kg43a Mild Steel Plate2558
12.5mm2500mm x 1250mm306.64kg43a Mild Steel Plate 

How to order

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact us for a quote