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Plain Aluminium Sheets


Plain aluminium sheets available in 1.6mm to 10mm thick sheets.

Cutting Service

We can supply plain aluminium sheets cut to any size required.

ThicknessLengthWidthDescriptionPart Number
1.6mm2500mm1250mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2102
2.0mm2440mm1220mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2104
3.0mm2440mm1220mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2105
4.0mm2440mm1220mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2110
4.8mm2440mm1220mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2106
6.4mm2440mm1220mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2107
10.0mm2440mm1220mmPlain Aluminium Sheet2111

How to order

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact us for a quote