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Plywood Sheets


Plywood sheets.

Cutting Service

We can supply plywood sheets cut to any size required.


  • The following standard plywood sheets are supplied ex-stock.
  • Non-standard sizes are available.
ThicknessGradeSizeDescriptionPart Number
6mmWBP2440mm x 1220mm6mm plywood sheets1001
9mmBB/CC2440mm x 1220mm9mm plywood sheets1003
12mmBB/CC2440mm x 1220mm12mm plywood sheets1026
15mmBB/CC2440mm x 1220mm15mm plywood sheets1005
18mmBB/CC2440mm x 1220mm18mm plywood sheets1006
25mmBB/CC2440mm x 1220mm25mm plywood sheets1008
12mmCDX2440mm x 1220mm12mm plywood sheets1004
18mmCDX2440mm x 1220mm18mm plywood sheets1007
3mmHardboard2440mm x 1220mm3mm hardboard sheets1104

How to order

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact us for a quote