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Sealed Pop Rivets

S.R. Sealed Pop Rivet (Closed-End Blind Rivet) - SR01 Series locked stem fasteners


SR01 series sealed pop rivet, also known as closed-end blind rivets.

Head Style

Dome Head.

Rivet Body

  • Aluminium Alloy (2.5% Magnesium)
  • Natural Finish

Stem / Mandrel

  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Phosphated


  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Air and water resistant seal.
  • Operates efficiently with oversize or elongated holes.
Dim 'A'Dim 'B'Dim 'C'Dim 'D'Grip Range 'E'Part Number
4.8mm9.80mm1.65mm 9.5mm3.5mm - 5.0mmSR01-AD68
4.8mm9.80mm1.65mm12.5mm6.5mm - 8.0mmSR01-AD610
4.8mm9.80mm1.65mm16.0mm9.5mm - 11.0mmSR01-AD612

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