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Softwood Flat-Rack Planks


We can provide a full range of planks to suit your requirements. The most common sizes used for flat-rack decking etc, are listed below.

Size (Imperial)Size (Metric)LengthDescriptionPart Number
4"x1"100x25mm6mRough Sawn1131
6"x1"150x25mm6mRough Sawn1110
8"x1"200x25mm6mRough Sawn1128
2"x1,1/2"50x38mm6mRough Sawn1113
6"x1,1/2"150x38mm6mRough Sawn1119
8"x1,1/2"200x38mm6mRough Sawn1129
9"x1,1/2"225x38mm6mRough Sawn1133
2"x2"50x50mm6mRough Sawn1170
3"x2"75x50mm6mRough Sawn1171
4"x2"100x50mm6mRough Sawn1150
5"x2"125x50mm6mRough Sawn1116
6"x2"150x50mm6mRough Sawn1120
7"x2"175x50mm6mRough Sawn1125
8"x2"200x50mm6mRough Sawn1130
9"x2"225x50mm6mRough Sawn1135
10"x2"250x50mm6mRough Sawn1136

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